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    Traps are gay longest tag starts right now and the funny thing is that it's not just random letter because it actually makes sense and the only reason I am making such a long time is to make you have to scroll longer but thanks for reading my tag

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    A trap set with the intent of getting a heterosexual to admit obscure knowledge that a homosexual would/should definitely know.

    Are Traps Gay?? The Final Verdict – Proud Boy Magazine

    "Are traps gay?" is a (usually satirical) question asked to an audience of some sort, positing an ambiguous question with the usual intent to make said audience uncomfortable. In this context, the term "trap" is used to refer to a crossdressing male who appears, at least initially, to be a

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    traps gay

    Traps ARE gay. 8:23 AM - 16 Dec 2016. 4,469 never in my life would I think I'd live to see the day that the POTUS's brother would be tweeting about traps. Love 2016.

    Malik Obama on Twitter: "Traps ARE gay."

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    traps gay

    Whether "Traps are gay" or not is a longstanding and ongoing discussion on the internet, I believe the most recent example of the phrase on social media comes from this video (sorry don't know the original source) where a guy very angrily states "traps are gay" in response to discussions where people are talking about whether it makes you gay


    Are traps gay or straight? Translating the medium of anime (which is the birthplace of the trap trope) into reality will aid in answering this for confused young men everywhere. The trap, as I established, is a man whose appearance is intentionally designed as imitative of the female form.

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    Not only is liking traps gay, you're probably gay too if you

    traps gay

    Traps are not gay. Because if your a normie, you think traps are gay, if your pretty dank like I then u know that traps are not gay because it ends with a guy, being a GIRL, Meaning that girl is the ending word, therefore rendering it to a female, making it not gay for people to like them

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    If you're a straight female that loves a female anime trap, no, you're not gay. But, if you're a bisexual or gay male/female that loves a male/female anime trap, yes, you're freaking gay because you're already bisexual/gay. The male/female fans of male/female anime traps that are anime characters as well are gay though.

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    We can argue about whether being attracted to trans people makes you gay or not, but that is an argument for another day…. Today, I’m just here to put an end to a life-long Internet debate and to inform everyone that liking traps is FUCKING GAY.

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